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Your leading Blockchain Technology and stockmarkets education and investment centre in Africa

Mega Purpose Investment Group is the leading Blockchain Technology and Financial Markets Education and Investment centre in Africa. The investment group’s theme is premised on helping the society through blockchain technology, financial markets educations and investment insights. It is true that poverty has left many people wounded, discouraged, marginalised and hopeless. Financial Institutions and governments have robbed the poor for many decades if not centuries. Inflation is very high and it’s ever increasing, unemployment is skyrocketing. We have Financial managers who can’t manage their personal finances and escape from poverty and debts. We have professors who are stuck in debts and loans they are paying instalments with exorbitant interest rates. Politicians are busy fighting for the last pieces of bread on the table. No one seem to care what tomorrow will look like and what it should be. Mega Purpose Investment Group brings education and investment opportunities to the people, especially these who were disadvantaged for many years for various reasons..

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Through experience and industry exposure, Mega Purpose Investment Group has created a strong, efficient and effective digital wealth creation strategy. The world of finance and investment has been accessible to only few people in our society. Mega Purpose Investment Group was founded with the desire to make financial and investment education accessible to everyone regardless of skin colour, age, gender, geographical location or religion. We render services that spans from Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies education, Financial Markets Education and Investments Services.

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